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  1. ongora jimmy

    the method look better, only is not affordable to some of AFRICA bee keepers who are interested in queen rearing. how to reach the areas to some of the beekeeper in E AFRICA (NORTHERN UGANDA, KARAMOJA REGION) is challenge,but the quality of honey produce is better than other side of the region in uganda.
    capacity building at farmer’s & other stake holders still have grate challenges, therefor more development partner should come in especially from EUROPEAN COUNTRY whom have develop in apiculture industry to open queen rearing to the small scale beekeeper to address low colonization.

    1. David Post author

      Thanks Jimmy
      Do you know of the work done by Bees for Development and Bees Abroad? Both do work in Africa – teaching basic beekeeping and the development of honey and wax production for profit. Bees for Development are working this year in Eritrea, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Ghana and Uganda. Bees Abroad work with a number of community groups in Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon, Nepal, Ghana, Nigeria, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Sierra Leone.
      I’m speaking at a conference next week and will be introduced by one of the project leaders for Bees Abroad in Africa. I will ask him what – if any – queen rearing training or advice they provide.
      With Best Wishes


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