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Pathway analysis of honey bee midgut proteins across the populations studied.

A. Proteins were divided into several key metabolic processes. B. Protein biosynthesis/folding/degradation factors exhibited a distinct profile with respect to the populations analyzed. C-D. Linear regression analysis of stock effect versus absolute latitude. The dependant variable (x), was median stock effect for all proteins of (C) general metabolism and (D) protein biosynthesis/folding/degradation proteins are plotted against the independent variable (y) absolute degrees from equator of population origin. A quadratic model (Y = bo + b1A + b2A2) is fitted to the data and the R2 and correlation values shown. Geographic origins of the bees – SK1, SK2 (Saskatchewan, Canada), ON (Ontario, Canada), NZ (New Zealand), CH (Santiago, Chile), CA1, CA2 (California, USA), HI (Hawaii, USA)

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