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Symbiont-produced RNAi can improve honey bee survival after viral injection.

Survival curves of bees monitored for 10 days after injection with DWV or the phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) control. Bees inoculated with pNR, pDS-GFP, or pDS-DWV2 and then injected with PBS showed no significant change in survival (dotted lines). When injected with DWV, bees inoculated with pDS-DWV2 showed increased survival compared with bees inoculated with pNR (no dsRNA control) or pDS-GFP (off-target dsRNA control). ***P < 0.001 (Wald test); NS, not significant. Total N = 980 bees, sourced from three separate hives. From: Leonard et al., Science 367, 573–576 (2020)

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