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Bees in the News - #2

Updates on the Asian (yellow legged) hornet in the UK and USA, including predicting future incursions and determining if/when it is established, the impact of introduced honey bees on native plant pollination and 'top tips' on preventing syrup going mouldy and counting phoretic mites.
Bees in the News - #2
Varroa counting with CO2

Welcome to the second of the irregular Bees in the News newsletters. These appear - at most - monthly and are only available to paid sponsors of The Apiarist. Each contains a combination of links and brief (my definition of brief) comments on topics that might justify a full post at some point in the future, but that are more likely to be of general interest, too provisional or speculative for a full post, or - in some cases - utter nonsense.

And sometimes the content is actually news ...

Inevitably - reflecting my bias and experience - some links will be on the fascinating science of honey bees, though most of this has application (or will have application) in practical beekeeping.

This month, the title of the newsletter should perhaps be 'Hornets in the news'. Never mind, it's still topical and related to bees and beekeeping. Rather than rehashing the contents I'll just tabulate them in the menu below.

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