There is an email contact link on every page at the bottom of the right hand margin. This allows you to contact me using your normal email client. Don’t bother saving the email address as it irregularly changes when the tsunami of spam gets too great.

Please see the comments below about getting a timely response … 🙁

Copyrighted material

Please email me if you want permission to use copyrighted material from this website. It is not usually reasonably refused as long as credit is properly attributed and permission is sought in advance.

Honey, bees and queens

My local honey is sold in Pillars of Hercules in Falkland and Balgove Larder in St Andrews. In Lochaber my honey is sold in the Salen Jetty Shop. I no longer ‘sell from the door’ and small orders are impractical and/or too expensive to post.

I sometimes have bees (5 or 6 frame nucs) and queens for sale, though most go to local beekeepers. Queens are only likely to be available between June and August … before then it’s too soon for reliable queen mating and by late summer they are all heading colonies.

Beekeeping advice

There is a huge amount of information already on this site and a powerful search facility. Try using this first and/or the keywords that accompany most posts. If you search for a beekeeping term, like ‘swarm control‘ or ‘HMF‘ the search returns the most relevant posts, initially of titles and then of content, in reverse chronological order (i.e. the most recent first). See if the first two or three posts answers your question.

I get a lot of emails asking for beekeeping advice. It is almost impossible to provide meaningful advice by email without knowing something about your location, forage, skill, climate, the history of the colony and a detailed description of the issue etc.

And if you provide all that it will take me ages to read the email … this means that I’m unlikely to respond promptly. This is compounded by the volume of emails I receive.

If you really want to get my attention then contact me via Buy Me A Coffee 😉 … thank you in advance. I always respond and you get a warm glow for helping to keep this website running by contributing to the server and software fees.

Social media

I’ve been known to take 4 months to respond to DM’s on Twitter or to anything on Instagram. I use both almost exclusively as ‘outgoing’ connections. It’s nice to get tagged, but don’t expect a timely response. You have been warned 😉

Oh yes, almost forgot. I have no idea how to use Facebook and never look at it. New posts here are automagically promoted on Facebook, but I don’t know how to respond to a comment (even if I knew how to read one in the first place). Sorry.

Advertising, promotional articles, reviews etc.

I’m not interested … don’t bother offering these, thank you.

If there’s a product I’m interested in I’ll buy it and potentially review it. If it’s excellent others may trust my judgement because I paid good money for it. However, if it’s rubbish I’ll say so (and not feel guilty about doing so). If I’ve not already written about it somewhere here it either means I’m not interested or I can’t afford it.

And no, I’m not interested in your sponsored article on ‘Saving the bees’ or ‘How to begin beekeeping’ … 🙂

Thank you