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A few issues have arisen since the switch to the new system in mid-March. I hope the following brief comments help resolve these if they apply to you.


If you are signed in to The Apiarist and get the following error message in the comments section at the foot of the page ...

Comments error message

... it is because there is no name associated with your email address due to the way they were imported from the last server. The fix is easy. Click on the 'Account' button in the top right corner and then the Edit option, which will then allow you to provide a name and/or change your email address.

Edit account details

You should then be able to comment 😄.

I'm considering doing a global edit of usernames, inserting something like 'Beekeeper' to everyone who has no username. If I do this, you can change your name to something more 'personal' via the account button.


Any posts since 15/3/24 will mainly contain images in WEBP format. If the images do not display in the email newsletter or online then check if your web browser or email client are up-to-date. All mainstream web browsers have supported WEBP since 2020 or earlier.

Email newsletter title and 'View in browser' link

If your email client does not support WEBP format images - all I've tested do - then click on the 'View in browser' link below the newsletter title and try viewing the post on the web.


A few hundred subscribers who signed up before March 2015 via were not transferred to the new system as their email addresses were not available for download (thanks a bundle WordPress!). Please re-subscribe using the button in the top right corner of the screen.


I'm aware that footnotes appear behind the two buttons in the bottom corners of the screen when viewing a post on a smartphone. I'm currently looking for a workable solution, but it's not straightforward.

It was straightforward 😉.

iPhones with a notch at the bottom of the screen still obscure some of the footnotes. I've no idea whether this is 3 readers or 3,000. Until I can afford an iPhone for testing, this is unlikely to be fixed.

Don't hold your breath.

This page will be updated should additional issues appear.