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Website malfunction

The Apiarist is updated every Friday.

Regular as clockwork … except for one Wednesday in May when I pushed the ‘Publish’ button too soon 🙄

However, we’ve had technical issues and I think email subscribers have not been receiving announcements of new posts.

Regular as clockwork

As a consequence of the large number of subscribers who receive ‘new post’ announcements, visitor numbers peak on a Friday evening, remain high over the weekend and then tail off through the rest of the week.

Or they did until ~12 days ago when parts of the site were upgraded and email announcements to subscribers appear to have stopped altogether (I’m a subscriber {{1}} and I belatedly realised I didn’t get the ‘new post’ announcement). Consequently visitor numbers have flatlined … 🙁

Where have all my young girls gone?

What a beauty

Hopefully this post corrects things … this is what has appeared since the glitch:

  • On Friday 18th October I posted Matchstick miscellany – this is a comment on the recommendation to provide ventilation to hives over the winter. I think the advice is wrong and I explain why.
  • On Friday 25th October I posted Income and outgoings – this is a follow-up to a recent post on beekeeping economics. In this most recent post I describe how to significantly increase profits from beekeeping … by reducing your outgoings and increasing your income.

Please have a read if you’ve not seen these … and apologies for the dual posting if you have {{2}}.




{{1}}: How sad is that?

{{2}}: Facebook and Twitter followers might have seen these posts but are very significantly outnumbered by email subscribers.

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